ICS cybersecurity myths debunked

10 ICS Cybersecurity Myths Debunked!

To mark Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we decided to tackle some of the most common myths in the ICS cybersecurity realm, while paying particular attention to legacy systems. Here are ten myths that we regularly come across.

Gas Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline Attack Debrief: Critical Infrastructure Attacks Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

In the past decade, we have seen an alarming increase in attacks on critical energy infrastructure, with cyber incidents occurring across any number of geographies and industries. Common attacks can involve ransomware on a corporation’s Information Technology (IT) network that controls business operations, or a direct attack on a corporation’s Operational Technology (OT) systems that control industrial infrastructure.

dice on financial newspaper spelling profit, loss, risk

Ignoring Cyber Risk is Dangerous to Society and Your Bottom Line

To anyone working in cybersecurity, it is not news that just about every critical infrastructure industry is significantly behind on their path toward cybersecurity maturity. There continues to be a fundamental friction between the estimation of cyber risk and the short-term thinking of today’s quarterly budgetary decisions.

Digital Transformation

The Biggest Roadblocks to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

There are several considerable roadblocks to safe and secure digital transformations efforts in manufacturing, or any industrial application where safety, security and reliability are paramount. At a high-level these areas include: Cybersecurity, Data Integration, and IT/OT interoperability and Integration.