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Designed for Industrial Control Systems, SerialGuard is a high-performance, fully passive, serial packet sniffer that enables secure visibility within vulnerable legacy networks. The fail-safe sensor passively monitors Level 0 and Level 1 serial communications between field devices and controllers and with the Cynalytica AnalytICS Engine Platform can reveal and help alert operators to traffic anomalies that are indicative of a cyber-attack, physical-attack, or system misconfiguration.

AnalytICS Engine

Our AnalytICS Engine, SerialGuard’s supporting platform, operates as an intrusion detection system (IDS) giving operators the ability, through encrypted communications, to securely capture, baseline and analyze trends in serial communications. The platform can be deployed on premise, or as a service, and provides operators with an easy to use set of intuitive tools to monitor communications and create simple, to complex, alerts on anomalous activities on individual processes or across the network. Our platform provides a scalable enterprise management tool incorporating serial communications data from SerialGuard sensors to provide optimum visibility of serial-based network traffic in Industrial Control Systems. The platform also seamlessly integrates with third party SIEMs to provide ICS/SCADA operators maximum visibility across their IT/OT networks.

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Cynalytica, Inc. combines a diverse set of industry expertise with decades of applied research and development experience to deliver pioneering cybersecurity and machine analytics technologies that help protect critical national infrastructure, securely enable Industry 4.0 and help industries accelerate their digital transformation objectives. The company employs innovative and novel techniques in machine learning, data analytics and high-performance computing combined with manufacturing capabilities to provide revolutionary threat detection solutions and analytics for industrial control systems and infrastructures.

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