The Industry's First AI-Driven Intrusion Detection and Monitoring System for Serial-Connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

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Improve ICS situational awareness and cybersecurity posture with true visibility of your legacy ICS
Verify serial device behavior in real-time to identify nonoptimal operations early to avoid unplanned downtime
Protect cyber-physical assets with round-the-clock surveillance and intrusion detection
Baseline normal operations and detect cyber-physical attacks and events without the need for human rulesets

Unparalleled Protection of Legacy Cyber-Physical Systems

OT OptICS is the world’s first machine learning-powered monitoring and intrusion detection system for serial-connecting Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The breakthrough technology harnesses the power of Cynalytica’s SerialGuard AnalytICS Platform to bring unparalleled visibility and intrusion detection to legacy cyber-physical systems. Our unified platform can understand deviations in serial network behavior and automatically searches for anomalies – providing you with an intelligent intrusion detection system and scalable tool that enables remote monitoring and analysis of your serial-connected inventory.

Unlike other AI-driven OT cybersecurity platforms, OT OptICS autonomously monitors level 0/1 serial communications that control industrial physical processes – giving it the unique ability to directly detect cyber-physical attacks and events.


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Offers secure real-time monitoring and intrusion detection of level 0/1 serial-connected ICS.

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Provides autonomous network surveillance and alerting through machine learning integration.

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Features protocol agnostic and deep packet inspection (DPI) support for RS-232/485/422 serial networks.

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Seamlessly integrates alerts and metrics with third-party SIEMs/SOCs to streamline IT/OT event correlation.

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Offers an all-in-one solution for serial network security and operational health monitoring.

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Builds serial datasets for advanced analytics and digital transformation strategies.

Automated Serial Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

✅Validates the data integrity of serial-connected ICS

✅Reduces downtime through automated network health monitoring and surveillance

✅Enhances visibility and situational awareness of legacy cyber-physical systems

✅Automates and centralizes serial data collection and analysis

✅Reduces Mean-Time-to-Detect and Mean-Time-to-Respond to cyber threats

✅Seamlessly integrates with third-party SIEMs/SOCs

Purdue Model showing OT OptICS positioned between level 0 and 1 in the OT network

Why OT OptICS is First of a Kind

Thanks to the power of the SerialGuard AnalytICS Platform, OT OptICS is the first machine learning solution that has true visibility of the final phase of serial-connected cyber-physical processes. The technology is unlike any other AI-driven OT cybersecurity solution as it is designed to learn and understand serial network communications. This gives it the unique ability to autonomously detect lower-level network compromises and operational faults – helping you to prevent cyber-physical attacks and unplanned downtime.

OT OptICS Managed Service Platform (MSP)

Get the Support You Need with Continuous Monitoring Services

Cynalytica offers OT OptICS as a Managed Service Platform (MSP) so you can get the most from our technology with minimal effort. Whether you are looking for better ways to improve your cybersecurity posture or need a quick and easy route to implementation, our service provides you with the technology, security expertise and industry know-how that deliver cost-effective results today.

Managed Service Platform

24/7 SerialGuard Monitoring

AnalytICS Engine Application Hosting

AnalytICS Engine Integration

System Administration

Network Engineering Support

Management, Maintenance & Support of Application

Professional Services

  • Analytics
  • Audits
  • Compliance reporting
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics



Managed Service Platform Benefits

Quick and Easy Implementation

Reduced Labor and Training Costs

Rapid Incident Response & Investigation

Regulatory Compliance

Out-of-Hours Support

Improved Cybersecurity Posture


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