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Richard Robinson

Chief Executive Officer – Cynalytica Inc. (USA)
Executive Director – Cynalytica International Ltd. (UK)

Richard Robinson is the Chief Executive Officer of Cynalytica. With decades of leadership experience in product and technology development, operational management, and large enterprise systems, Richard leads an international team of developers and industry experts dedicated to delivering pioneering cybersecurity and machine analytics technologies that help protect critical national infrastructure.  Richard has experience across both the private and public sectors and previously served as Chief Information Officer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as well as the Chief Operations Officer for the City & County of San Francisco’s Department of Technology and Information Systems. He also has many years of consulting experience in product development in Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity, focusing on both modern and legacy critical infrastructure. Richard graduated from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, California with a BSC in Engineering, with emphasis on Manufacturing Technologies and Industrial Control Systems. He has earned Executive Management Certificates in Strategy & Innovation and Technology, Operations and Value Chain Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds several IT and OT security certifications: GISCP, GRID, GCIP, CISSP and CISA.

Ty Safreno

Chairman – Cynalytica Inc.

Ty Safreno, co-founder of Trust Automation, is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer and Chairman of the Board of Trust Automation. Serving as its CEO/CTO, Ty oversees the company strategy and direction that drives continued growth. With an extensive background in industrial controls and a focus in motion control, Ty successfully guided the product development and engineering service aspects of Trust Automation. His previous employment at JR Robotics, Ziatech Corporation and Enter Automation provided broad exposure to multiple industrial automation fields. Ty received his formal education at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Currently, Ty also serves as a Board Member for:

  • San Luis Chamber of Commerce Board and Executive Committee
  • REACH Board, Board Chair
  • CIE Accelerator, Mentor
  • SLO County 4-H STEM Committee

Technical Advisors

Jeana Pieralde

Technical Advisor – Manufacturing & Water Management Systems

Jeana Pieralde is currently a Director of Information Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Her previous positions include the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Chief Information Security Architect for Nissan, and the first CISO for the City and County of San Francisco. Jeana has 30 years of experience in the technology field and started her career as a system administrator and network engineer in the 1990s. In her very long career, she has done or managed almost every aspect of IT, forming her unique approach to Information Security. The last 15 years of her career has been focused on Information Security, where she has become known for her forward-thinking thought leadership and incident response experience like no other. In her Information Security Career, she has responded to or consulted on thousands of Incidents related to insider malfeasance, criminal intrusion, and other bad behavior. In addition to her Information Security experience across many industries, she is often sought for her unique skillset around ICS systems where she has worked with two major California water systems/companies, vehicle IoT and manufacturing plant systems. She has built a solid reputation in building or revamping Information Security programs where the focus is on risk reduction through Security integration with the business and its processes.

Niyo Pearson

Technical Advisor – Oil & Gas Cybersecurity & Operations

Niyo Little Thunder Pearson has been a leading SCADA/OT/ICS subject matter expert in multiple critical infrastructure sectors (financial, energy and water/wastewater) over the past 10 years. He has a wide range of expertise and experience including cyber operations (adaptive defense and red teaming), threat hunting for nation state and state sponsored campaign activity, security orchestration & automation and physical security. Over the past 7 years, he developed an adversarial cyber defense program, with specific focuses on attack path lifecycles, adaptive cyber defense and internal network cyber offensive capabilities, which has been used to defend one of the largest natural gas utilities in the US. In the last 4 years, Niyo has split his time between running the Cybersecurity and OT Cybersecurity program at a major utility. He has also provided guidance and alignment to SCADA/OT cybersecurity research and development technology efforts so they can be brought to market with a focus on the US critical infrastructure sectors.

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