Cynalytica Partners with the Cyber-AI Hub at CSIT at Queen’s University Belfast to Apply AI to Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity

ARLINGTON, VA. – May 9th, 2023

Cynalytica Inc., a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland and its Cyber-AI Hub, an initiative of CSIT supported by UK government funding.  

As part of the partnership, Cynalytica will collaborate with CSIT and its Cyber-AI Hub on projects to develop and apply AI and machine learning techniques to enhance the cyber-physical security of industrial control systems (ICS) for national critical infrastructure. The Cyber-AI Hub is a unique research facility that brings together industry, academia, and government to collaborate on cybersecurity research and development in Northern Ireland.  

ICS/SCADA and OT systems control the essential operational processes for critical services such as power grids, water treatment plants, and manufacturing facilities. They are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can have potentially devastating consequences. 

Dr Kieran McLaughlin, CSIT, Queen’s University Belfast commented, “With Industrial Control Systems globally becoming more and more digitally connected, their security is vital for our society. Over the past few years, Cynalytica has provided valuable industrial context to our research in this area. We are excited to explore a collaborative project with Cynalytica through CSIT’s Cyber-AI Hub, which will bring new AI-enabled techniques to the cyber security industry.”

Cynalytica joins the Cyber-AI Hub’s impressive roster of eight industry partners, which includes leading companies in cybersecurity and AI, developing products that service a global export market and represent a diversity of products in the cybersecurity market.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with CSIT and its Cyber-AI Hub to advance the state-of-the-art in ICS cybersecurity”, said Richard Robinson, CEO at Cynalytica. “AI is rapidly transforming every industry and being able to better understand what applications and impacts AI will have for machine-to-machine communications is necessary. The combination of CSIT’s expertise in cybersecurity and cutting-edge research capabilities make them the ideal partners for us to help answer these questions and help develop innovative solutions to protect critical infrastructure.” 

About Cynalytica

Cynalytica is a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions, helping organizations to protect their critical infrastructure systems from cyberattacks while providing visibility and unique situational awareness to cyber-physical assets. With a range of innovative technologies, Cynalytica is committed to providing comprehensive, effective, and secure solutions for OT and ICS/SCADA systems.

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