OTNetGuard: A Comprehensive Solution for ICS/SCADA Security

By Richard Robinson | 2023

In recent years, the increased digitization and interconnectedness of industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have led to a surge in cyber threats targeting these critical infrastructure systems. The potential consequences of an attack on ICS/SCADA systems can be devastating, ranging from environmental disasters to large-scale disruptions in essential services. To address these risks, OTNetGuard has developed an innovative ICS/SCADA monitoring sensor that can passively and securely capture analog, serial, and IP ICS/SCADA communications.

What makes OTNetGuard’s solution stand out is its ability to capture all forms of ICS/SCADA communications. By doing so, the sensor can provide a comprehensive view of the operational technology (OT) environment and detect anomalies or potential threats that may be missed by other monitoring solutions. For example, some legacy ICS/SCADA systems still rely on analog or serial communications, which are typically not monitored by modern cybersecurity tools. By capturing these communications, OTNetGuard can identify any deviations from normal behavior and alert security teams to potential attacks.

In addition to anomaly detection, the ability to capture all ICS/SCADA communications provides value in other areas such as incident response, forensics, governance, risk management, and operational cyber-physical monitoring. In the event of an attack or security incident, OTNetGuard’s solution can provide a detailed record of all communications, enabling a thorough investigation and faster response. Moreover, this comprehensive visibility can aid in compliance with regulatory requirements such as NERC CIP, NIST, and IEC 62443.

The OTNetGuard sensor is designed to be a passive and non-intrusive monitoring solution, meaning it does not disrupt the operations of the ICS/SCADA systems it is monitoring. It is an ideal platform for zero-trust architectures in OT environments, where any communication between assets is monitored and authenticated. With OTNetGuard, organizations can implement a comprehensive zero-trust architecture that covers both legacy and modern ICS/SCADA systems.

The OTNetGuard sensor also comes equipped with secure wireless backhaul capabilities, allowing it to transmit data to a central monitoring station without the need for physical connectivity. This feature is especially valuable for remote or distributed ICS/SCADA systems, where physical connections may not be practical or feasible.

OTNetGuard’s innovative ICS/SCADA monitoring sensor is a comprehensive solution for securing critical infrastructure systems. Its ability to passively and securely capture all analog, serial, and IP ICS/SCADA communications provides valuable insights for anomaly detection, incident response, forensics, governance, risk management, and operational cyber-physical monitoring. Furthermore, its compatibility with zero-trust architectures and secure wireless backhaul capabilities make it a flexible solution for a variety of OT environments. As the threat landscape for ICS/SCADA systems continues to evolve, organizations must invest in solutions like OTNetGuard’s to protect their critical infrastructure systems from potential cyber attacks.

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