Introducing CyRenQL™ – A Powerful New Query Programming Tool for ICS/SCADA and OT Environments

ARLINGTON, VA. – April 25, 2023

Cynalytica Inc., a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions announced the launch of CyRenQL™ – an innovative query programming tool for the Cynalytica OTNetGuard, SerialGuard and AnalytICS Engine Platform that enables security analysts to simultaneously query across analog, serial, and TCP/IP communications for ICS/SCADA and Operational Technology (OT) environments. CyRenQL is designed to provide Network and Security Operations Centers (NOC/SOC) with the tools needed to monitor and secure critical infrastructure against cyber and operational threats.

CyRenQL helps solve several significant problems including:

Improved visibility: OT systems can generate large amounts of diverse data types, making it challenging to manage and analyze. CyRenQL provides improved visibility allowing for faster identification and response to operational and security threats.

Additional threat detection capability: By querying across multiple communication layers and protocols, CyRenQL can help SOC analysts identify threats that may be missed by traditional security tools that do not monitor or analyze non-IP OT communications, allowing analysts to detect and correlate unusual behavior.

Faster incident response: CyRenQL enables SOC analysts to quickly identify the source of security incidents, reducing incident response times.

Enhanced situational awareness: CyRenQL provides SOC analysts with enhanced situational awareness, enabling them to identify patterns of behavior that may indicate a threat.

Greater efficiency: CyRenQL reduces the need for multiple tools and interfaces, resulting in increased efficiency in cyber-physical operations.

“Securing critical infrastructure against cyber threats is one of the most significant challenges facing industry today,” said Richard Robinson, CEO of Cynalytica “CyRenQL is designed to provide OT analysts and operators with the tools they need to identify and respond to security threats quickly and efficiently. We are proud to bring this technology to the market and believe that it will add another defensive capability to OT environments are monitored and secured.”

CyRenQL is easy to use and designed to be highly scalable, ideal for organizations of all sizes and can be integrated with existing security monitoring, governance, risk management and compliance, and threat intelligence tools to provide a more comprehensive security solution.

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About Cynalytica

Cynalytica is a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions, helping organizations to protect their critical infrastructure systems from cyberattacks while providing visibility and unique situational awareness to cyber-physical assets. With a range of innovative technologies, Cynalytica is committed to providing comprehensive, effective, and secure solutions for OT and ICS/SCADA systems.

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