Cynalytica’s Featured Article in NVTC’s The Voice of Technology Magazine

In her recent article in NVTC’s The Voice of Technology online magazine, Jessica Ohnona (Executive Vice President of Data Science and Analytics at Cynalytica) raises important cybersecurity concerns regarding ICS digital transformation.

The article entitled “Achieve Your Industrial Control Systems Digital Transformation by Securing Your Legacy Infrastructure” considers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s (AI/ML) role and limitations in ICS cybersecurity.

Stating “AI/ML-powered OT cybersecurity solutions have had significant limitations to date as they have been confined to learning within their individualized networks”, Jessica points to the security gap for operations that rely on both IP-based devices and older serial-connected devices.  

Read the full article here and learn how “you can now close the gap between the old and new with IP and serial network intelligence”,  as well as “5 things to consider regarding your ICS Digital Transformation”.

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