AI-Driven Cybersecurity for Serial Networks. Beta release . March 2021

Cynalytica Announces the Beta Release of OT OptICS – The industry’s First AI-Driven Cybersecurity Software for Serial Networks

March 11, 2021

Cynalytica is pleased to announce the beta release of OT OptICS — an industry first in AI-driven OT cybersecurity. Based on the breakthrough technology, Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor (AICS), developed by Idaho National Laboratory (INL), OT OptICS incorporates machine learning to enhance anomaly detection of intrinsically insecure serial-connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Unlike other AI-driven OT cybersecurity platforms, OT OptICS is designed to learn and understand serial network communications that control physical processes, giving it the unique ability to detect lower-level network compromises and help prevent cyber-physical attacks and events.

The new software combined with the Cynalytica SerialGuard platform detects anomalous communications traffic by baselining and learning serial ICS protocol behavior and mapping it to serial-connected devices’ operational state. OT OptICS updates its network intelligence by consistently adapting to shifting ICS baselines.

Employing cognitive-based intrusion detection technology, OT OptICS applies its machine learning to recognize patterns, detect real threats and inform operators quickly based on factual insights. Its adaptive and intuitive qualities enable it to continuously hunt for and alert on anomalous network activity, giving operators the power to quickly detect operational issues, anomalous activity, network intrusion or system misconfigurations.

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