Cynalytica SerialTap sensor for serial communications


Serial Communications Sensor for Serial-Connected Industrial Control Systems

Cynalytica’s SerialTap® is a standalone hardware sensor that installs in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and other serial-connected control systems. The sensor passively captures serial communications data between field devices and controllers, and converts the communications into TCP data packets. Data sent out via the Ethernet port can be analyzed using third-party network security tools.

Features include:

Passive: Cannot write to the serial line

Fail-Safe: Will not impact flow of serial communications if it loses power

Supports RS-232/ RS-485/RS-422

Offers Full/Half Duplex Serial Monitoring

Protocol Agnostic Support for Various Serial Networks

Real-time Operating System

SerialTap vs SerialGuard


The SerialTap sensor operates as a secure standalone data diode for serial-connected Industrial Control Systems. Captured serial communications can be analyzed by third-party monitoring software. Key features include:

  • Passive
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Supports RS-232 and RS-485/422 serial interfaces
  • Full/half duplex serial monitoring
  • Sends data to third-party monitoring tools


SerialGuard is the serial packet sniffer component of the SerialGuard AnalytICS Platform. The sensor works in unison with Cynalytica’s AnalytICS Engine to help monitor and protect serial network environments. Key features include:

  • Passive
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Supports protocol agnostic RS-232 and RS-485/422
  • Full/half duplex serial monitoring
  • Sends encrypted data to AnalytICS Engine which enables:
    • secure remote monitoring
    • baselining
    • intrusion detection and misconfiguration alerting
    • serial data analysis
  • Integrates alerts and metrics with third-party SIEMs

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